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Limitless Levels in Recipes and Subrecipes: as a user I would like to be able to add more levels in recipes and subrecipes

Two requests:

1. Make it able to use Recipe in Recipe;
2. Make it able to add more levels of subrecipes in Recipes and Subrecipes.

Now there is a limit to levels in Recipes/Subrecipes:

  1. Recipe: Lasagna al Forno
    1. Subrecipe: Lasagna al Forno Bolognaise
      1. Subrecipe: Bolognaise
        1. Subrecipe: Pizzasauce
          1. Subrecipe: Bechamelsauce
  1. Can we add 2 or 3 more layers before the limit kicks in?
  2. Create limitless subrecipes? (loop has to be safe)
  3. Maybe show in a recipe with subrecipes, which sub(sub)recipes the subrecipes contain.
    see my beautiful mockup in attachment
  4. If we have trouble with calculations for deeper levels of subrecipes, we can block the calculation on level 3 if neccesairy. Chefs just want to be able to complete their recipes.
  5. ! There is no possibility to use a Recipe in a Recipe. 
  • Shakti Kingh
  • Feb 15 2018
  • Will not implement
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