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As a User I would like toadd commission / costs separately in calculationadd commission / costs separately in calculation

Delivery is commonplace, the platforms charge costs for this that are not included in the calculation, cost price.So you have no insight into what your actual margin is, what the share of this commission / costs does on your margin.

Suppose you sell a product through a platform and a 15% commission is charged.So that goes off the margin.Sales price = € 15 à excl VAT = € 14.15 - commission (is for example% over sales price including VAT, say 10%) - € 1.50 = € 12.65 Gross profit at cost price is eg € 4.15 à so marginis then 12.65 - 4.15 = 8.50 = 67.2%It is therefore possible that this dish is also on the normal menu, but when it is therefore via takeaway delivery via a platform that requires commission (can therefore also differ), this has consequences for the margin on this product.

Don't know exactly how to show / process that

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  • Apr 2 2021
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